What we do

Empire Green Technology Inc. a Buffalo NY based LED Lighting upgrade integrator. Our primary focus is LED lighting upgrades and rebates for commercial businesses in the WNY area.


How we do it

Empire Green Technology works with clients who want to reduce operating, and maintenance costs.Improve the lighting and quality of light in their business, and become a green business.

Maximize Rebates and Incentives

Empire Green Technology works with the local utility companies to maximize the rebates and incentives that are available to their customers. Savings up to 70% are possible for the design, and installation of energy efficient measures taken by our clients. The utility companies even offer on the bill financing for these upgrades.


What We Are About

Empire Green Technology Inc. was established in 2010 by four partners who saw the potential of the new emerging LED lighting technology that was being introduced at the time. Back then, as with any new technology, it was very expensive to implement. Equipment that is designed to last for many years without maintenance was not cheap. Fast forward to today, equipment costs¬†have come way down, there is competition in the marketplace, which helps lower costs. And today’s LED equipment is¬†exponentially more efficient than it was 8 years ago. Now when you couple the reduced equipment costs, the higher efficiency’s, ¬†incentives from the utility company’s, and the virtual elimination of maintenance costs. The winner is truly the business owner.

Empire Green Technology takes things a step further for our customers not only in customer service, but in the equipment we use. EGT only recommends equipment from quality manufactures, with the longest warranty periods in the industry. We do not spec or use off shore junk for the sake of better profit margins. Our main concern is customer satisfaction and the rewards that come with that.


Next Steps…

A simple phone call is all it takes to get the process started.



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